Welcome! [Official Blog Launch]

The NPSIA Students’ Association is proud to announce the official launch of this blog, which has been in the works since late 2012. With the help of some dedicated team members, we’ve created an online destination we hope will be a great resource and platform for meaningful connection among fellow students, alumni, faculty, staff, prospective NPSIAns and the broader community–both in Ottawa and internationally.

Our posts will focus on SA events–including recreational activities, pub nights, speaker series, sports games and much more–as well as on highlighting various members of our community and showcasing different aspects of student life. We encourage all of our readers to contribute to this ongoing project in any way they can (ex. volunteering to translate posts into French), and want to make sure that our articles touch on anything the students that we represent are interested in seeing. If you have a theme you are interested in writing about, a relevant event to share, or interesting research and other work in the field of international affairs you want NPSIAns to know about, please feel free to contact us at sa.npsia@gmail.com.

We are excited about the possibilities for this online medium to continue to evolve, especially as new students join the SA next year.

We are also debuting here the Students’ Association’s new (and first-ever) logo, created for us by Greg MacDonald of Carleton’s Graphic Services department. We sincerely thank him for generously donating his personal time to the project.

NSA Full Banner

Thanks for visiting, and make sure to check back regularly!

All the best,

Your NPSIA SA, 2012-2013


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