NSA Operational Guidelines Signing Ceremony


Imagine, if you will, a public park. It’s verdant and lush, the last sweet drops of dew evaporating as the warm glow of the August sun casts its beautiful gaze down on to the earth. On the wind, the smell of a barbeque cooking the finest meats or meat substitutes if that’s what you’re in to. As you get closer, you see lithe, vibrant figures frolicking about, their angelic laughs a sure sign that fun is being had. Just then, a disc whizzes by you, thrown ineptly by that one friend who insists he can play but really can’t. More laughs. Now imagine that this whole thing could be yours for one simple payment of $5.

That’s right. If you RSVP to the NPSIA and Friends Community BBQ right now – seriously, RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE IT’S SO EASY WHY AREN’T YOU CLICKING THIS LINK – you can get in on this exclusive deal. The NPSIA Students’ Association is having its last event of the 2012/2013 school year, and for only five Canadian dollars, you can be a part of history this Sunday at Vincent Massey Park at noon.

There’s a bit of a catch though: we also have a Very Serious Matter to deal with. During the BBQ on Sunday, we will be having a signing ‘ceremony’ for our new Operational Guidelines!

What’s all this about Operational Guidelines, you ask? Well, one of our goals this year as a Students’ Association was to establish a system for capturing institutional memory. Since there is 100% turnover every year on the NPSIA SA Executive, a lot of time is spent every year reorganizing and reorienting the Association, which leaves less time for everything else the NSA does, liking event planning and business card ordering and Friday afternoon wasting. One of our solutions to this problem is our brand new Operational Guidelines.

The Operational Guidelines – or the “OGs” as we’ve been fondly calling them over the last few months – suggest practices to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling the NSA’s mandate. The Guidelines are comprehensive in scope, detailing everything from positions and responsibilities to elections and impeachments, but they’re also just like their name says: guidelines. Future NSAs will be free to mold them to their liking without having to reinvent the organization from scratch.

We’re very proud to announce that the Operational Guidelines were unanimously ratified earlier this month by the NSA Executive Council. They’ll be available now for viewing here on the blog, so check it out. Since every NPSIAn is represented by the NPSIA Students’ Association, it’s definitely a document you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with. We hope that the OGs will continue to be a valuable resource for many future incarnations of the NPSIA Students’ Association.

But no guiding document is finished without some John Hancocks. So if you’re coming to the BBQ on Sunday, you’ll get to witness some NPSIA history: the signing of the original Operational Guidelines! Don’t miss out on this Very Important NPSIA Moment. Seriously, there’s going to be  a Heritage Minute about it one day.

It’s been a great year for the NSA, and we’re so proud and excited to finish it off this Sunday with the signing of our OGs and a great BBQ. Looking forward to seeing everyone out!


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