Valiant Volleyball Victory: Back From The Brink

Call for more players issued after triumphant first game, “glory enough for all” says Siemens

By Trevor Siemens

It was 10:52pm on a chilly Sunday in October, and in the heart of the Raven’s Nest a battle was raging. After trading the first two games, the NPSIA volleyball team was fighting for the right to call themselves victors. In the tense final third game, the tension was palpable, and clearly affected the young NPSIA team. In the first to 15 final game, errors quickly allowed our opponents to jump out to a significant 10-6 lead. The situation was bleak and hope was fading, but these are the conditions that breed champions. Tired, bruised, slightly battered and quite sweaty, the NPSIA team regrouped and drew from their bottomless well of heart, to come roaring back and claim the final set 15-12. Emotions were running high and we were elated; however, we did not allow our fans to storm the court and raise us upon their shoulders, because we are both gracious in defeat and humble in victory. I know what you’re thinking, “Man, that sounds wild, I wish I could be a part of something as monumental as this.” Well fear not, you can. Everyone is more than welcome to come out next time and be a part of our run to the championship. Seriously, we almost forfeited because we didn’t have enough girls, so girls, please come out! I want to reaffirm that talent is not a prerequisite, just the will to win and the heart to not give up. I hope to see everyone out Sunday, October 20th at 8 pm, Ravens Nest. It’s going to be a riot out there! See you then.

Our full schedule is here.

Looking to join the team? Reach us via the NPSIA Facebook Group or email


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