Co-op Spotlight: National Peacekeepers’ Day RCMP Gala

by Gwen Temmel

On August 9th, 2014, National Peacekeepers’ Day, the RCMP celebrated the 25th anniversary of Canadian police participation in peace operations with a gala dinner and dance. In attendance were Canadians Peacekeepers along with their supporters, family and friends. Held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, this event not only honoured those who participate in peace operations around the world, but offered several co-op students working with the RCMP the opportunity to get involved in the planning and execution of an event attended by Canadians from across the country. The hard work of several co-op students helped to make the gala a great success.


Over a hundred guests enjoyed the traditions and protocol of an RCMP regimental evening event. Members, friends and family made toasts, gave speeches and enjoyed the RCMP/Ottawa Police Service Pipes and Dancers who performed at the gala. Surrounded by a history of Canadian aviation and a plethora of police and military members in their ceremonial uniforms, the gala was an impressive celebration of Canadian peacekeeping. Many of the police who attended the Gala also participated in the national peace operations parade and ceremony on Sunday, August 10th, along with serving and retired military members.

As a co-op student, being part of the team that organized this event was an amazing experience, one which I did not foresee as part of my first year at NPSIA and in Ottawa. So as a note for returning and incoming students: I hope you take some of the many opportunities to be involved in and attend phenomenal events such as these in the coming years!

Next year, I look forward to celebrating National Peacekeepers’ Day by attending the official ceremony at Ottawa’s Peacekeeping Monument.


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