Event Recap: NPSIA Alumni Chapter, Fall Rendezvous in the Capital!

by Renata Grudzien

Co-President | NPSIA Student Association


NPSIA-ans mingling in style!

Last Thursday, NPSIA’s Alumni Chapter hosted an event for both former and current NPSIA students. Approximately fifty NPSIAns mingled during Happy Hour at Metropolitain Brasserie (I encourage everyone to visit the Metropolitan during its Happy Hour if only for delightfully inexpensive oysters –$1.00 each!)

Aside from my shameless propagandizing in the name of cheap oysters, I would like to applaud Lisa Mallin and Fred Ninh, Co-Presidents of the Alumni Chapter, for the event’s smashing success. “Fresh-faced” first years (as someone fondly noted) and second years (not yet in co-op) had the opportunity to see what our future might have in store. Most alumni in attendance were DFATD employees in various capacities.


Some first-years getting friendly advice. Some first-years photobombing.

Some alumni worked in diplomatic offices domestically and had plans to work in diplomatic offices overseas. One alumnus in particular, NPSIA Professor Phil Rourke, gave the aspiring scholars among us hope for a bright future in academics. Essentially, we were able to meet people with whom we have a considerable amount in common and who were so eager to share tips for success (and share in oysters!)

Once the event ended at 7:00pm, many of us moved to The Standard on Elgin Street. Here we took part in the first official installation of NPSIA Nights. If last Thursday was any indication, Thursday nights at The Standard will swiftly become a place “where everybody knows your name”.


Some of our NSA Exec looking quite lovely!

Thank you again for all who came out to support both the Alumni Chapter and NPSIA Night afterward. From Metropolitain Brasserie to The Standard, it’s comforting that we are part of an enthusiastic and supportive community.


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