OGS/SSHRC Info Session: Recap

by Cassidy McGraw

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2014-2015 OGS/SSHRC Scholarship Info Session! The NSA would also like to thank Professors Inger Weibust and Stephen Saideman; Ph.D. candidates Nicole Tishler and Joseph Landry; MA/JD candidate Aleksandra Baic; and MA candidate Michael Murphy for leading this info session. Here is a breakdown of the takeaway points I gained from the info session:


  • In your proposal, you must justify why your topic is interesting and relevant. Your research topic is interesting to you, but you must be clear in identifying why it is interesting for others and why it is relevant research to undertake. It should not contain too much jargon so that non-experts can understand what it is you are proposing.
  • Your proposal must be feasible in that it is something you are practically able to do within your time frame.
  • You must have outline a clear research methodology for your proposal and ensure that it is methodologically rigorous.
  • Your proposal should be organized well, concise, and well-written. You should only include information that is completely relevant to the research you propose to conduct.
  • References should be from people who can advocate for your research ability. Choose references who know you, and are able to provide a positive review. Ensure that you provide your references with your research proposal (or at minimum a draft) so that they can indicate that they have in fact read your proposal.
  • The Canadian Common CV is a nightmare so give yourself enough time to complete


  • Very similar takeaway points as SSHRC, though proposal is not so much focused on research as it is for SSHRC
  • Grades are a very important factor

Also, Ph.D. candidates Nicole Tishler (nicole.tishler@carleton.ca) and Joseph Landry (joseph.landry@carleton.ca) have been very kind to offer sample SSHRC proposals upon request. In addition, MA candidates Michael Murphy (michael.murphy@carleton.ca) and Katie Durvin (katie.durvin@carleton.ca) are available to contact for advice regarding applications for the Master’s SSHRC.

Good luck with your applications!

Cassidy McGraw
M.A. Candidate
V.P. Academic, NPSIA Students’ Association
e: cassidy.mcgraw@carleton.ca


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