Call for NPSIA blog posts

The NPSIA Students’ Association invites you to submit a post for our student-run blog!

The NPSIA Students’ Association (NSA) Public Relations Team coordinates a student-run blog (, which is separate from the official NPSIA blog ( Posts on the NSA’s blog center mainly around student life, event recaps and profiles of faculty, students and alumni.

Deadlines for blog submissions are flexible – we are all students with busy lives and other deadlines looming! All post authors are credited on the blog. Since September 2014, our blog has averaged around 1,500 hits per month. Posting on the NSA blog is a great opportunity to develop your personal online presence, and it’s far less stressful than writing a paper for class!

Posting procedure:

  1. Review the posting categories
  2. If you see something that you would like to write about, get in touch with our NSA Blog Manager Jo Venkatesh ( Students are welcome to pitch ideas that are not already mentioned below.
  3. Jo will review our posting schedule and work with you to find a flexible deadline for your post (we are trying to spread posts out evenly, instead of having 10 posts come out on one day and then no more posts for the rest of the month).
  4. After you submit your post to Jo, she will publish it on the blog!

There is no minimum or maximum number of times you can submit to the blog.

Posting categories:

Event recaps: If you attend an event related to international affairs, either on or off-campus, feel free to take 3+ photos and some notes to write a short summary of ~500 words (length very flexible). Summary can include your personal impressions of the event. This is the most common post category on the blog.

Examples here:

“Five questions with…”: Consisting of five questions, these short interviews feature either a NPSIA professor or alumnus. If you know an alumnus or faculty member who you would like to interview, that is great! If not, we can help find you one. We are hoping to expand this category to current NPSIA students as well, so if you would like to be interviewed, please let us know!

Examples here:

Student Life: This category is broad, ranging from posts like “The Internship Experience”, to “The 10 Best International Affairs Movies” and “The Capital Advantage”. We are hoping to add more Top 10 posts (ex: “Top 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Grad School”, “Top 10 Most Underrated International Affairs Careers”, “Top 10 Ottawa Study Spots”, etc.). Article length is flexible; photos, gifs and videos are all welcomed.

Examples here:

“A day in the life of…”: Do you have an internship this semester? How about co-op? Are you a current NPSIA student? Would you be willing to talk about what a typical day looks for you? Your insights will help new and prospective students. Article length is also flexible (500-1,000 words). As always, visual content is also encouraged. If you know someone who would like to be featured in this category, and want to interview them, let us know and we’ll work together to facilitate it.

No examples yet! New category…

 Any other ideas? Want to write about something that wouldn’t fit into any of the categories above? Contact us with your idea!


Gabrielle Bishop

V.P. Public Relations

NPSIA Students’ Association

Jynotsa Venkatesh

Blog Manager; P.R. Committee Member

NPSIA Students’ Association


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