Looking back at NPSIA’s Soirée 2015

On Friday, March 6th NPSIA students, alumni, and faculty had an amazing night at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa at the annual NPSIA Charity Soirée. We had the privilege of having Dr. James Orbinski as our keynote speaker for the evening, speaking on the “Considerations on Ebola and Us.” Dr. Orbinski’s speech

was compelling and provided significant thoughts to consider on the international response to the recent Ebola outbreak. It was also well timed as many of us are taking our first steps toward long-term careers in the public service, as well as the private and not-for-profit sectors. As such, we will be sure to keep such lessons in mind when formulating policies, initiatives, and programs in the future.

Not only did the NPSIA Soirée Committee* put in a great effort to welcome and present such a renowned individual but, under the leadership of Co-Presidents Marika Tassoni and Meghan Blom, there was also an impressive silent auction. Professors and students had good fun outbidding each other on prizes including yoga and dance lessons, paintings, books, magazine subscriptions, an evening at the Chateau Laurier, and most heatedly perhaps, a zippy road bike that generated buzz around the room. Overall, the Soirée Committee raised a generous $4000 from the silent auction and fundraisers leading up to the event, all proceeds going to Dignitas International. A massive thank you goes out to the donors, the bidders, and the Soirée Committee for coordinating on such a great cause!

There were quite a few additional and lovely aspects to the evening including the moments that were captured by Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Professor Rowland’s enchanting speech (despite the fact that he had a #Mastersstudentlyfe moment where he forgot his notes at home and claimed to make up most of it on the spot), Paul Donaldson as a dashing Master of Ceremony, and the Soirée After Party at Tequila Jacks organized by the NPSIA Student Association (a delightfully un-formal event, so to speak, to follow such a formal evening). While none of the professors joined us for that portion of the evening, there is always next year!

Renata Grudzien

Co-President, NPSIA Student Association


*The amazing NPSIA Soirée Committee (from left to right): Devyn Wallenius, Amanda Kettler, Maegan Andolfatto, Andrew Luth, Marika Tassoni, (Dr. James Orbinski), Emily Vallée, Maxime Martel, Gabrielle Bishop, Meghan Blom, Michelle Peres and Laura Mitchell.


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