Welcoming our NSA Executive 2015-2016 team

And so it is done!

There is a new Executive team in town for the 2015-2016 NPSIA Student Association. Look out for great things NPSIAns! Amy Hutchinson and Rita Houkayem take the reigns as Co-Presidents, Patrick Burchat now holds the purse strings as Treasurer, Steven Rai becomes the organizer extraordinaire as Secretary, Jasmine Dann and Nicole Halseth assume the position as Graduate Students Association Representatives, Deanna Mirlycourtois will lead academic and professional development as VP Academic, Loriann Garden is head socialite as the VP Socials, and Salahudin Rafiquddin is VP Public Relations.

We wish them the best of luck this coming year!

Over and out!

Renata, Jocelyn, Jeremy, Emily, Devyn,

Kendra, Cassidy, Mike and Gabrielle

– NPSIA Student Association Executive 2014-15


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