Final Ultimatums, Without Hyperbole

Team NPSIA Riding Two Game Winning Streak

OTTAWA: Winning Record: Throughout its first season, a phrase that never applied to the Final Ultimatums.

Dominated Dominating: The lexicon we use to describe the team will have to change.

Swagger: The new way the team holds itself.

Cocky: The new worry that the team will have to contend with.

Everything about Ottawa’s favourite team is different this year. If it weren’t for their trademark pink jerseys, fans would be excused for being confused about which team they were cheering for. The transformation, from lovable losers to an above .500 team, has been a revelation.

Three games into the season the Ultimatums have already doubled their win total from last year. After a tough opening loss, the team has spun off two consecutive wins. In both games, they built up an insurmountable lead early and coasted to victory. Against GRAESSOC, the team lead by 6 at the half and toyed with their opponents. This was bested when they played against a strong Computer Engineering team and jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead in the first 15 minutes.

Tonight’s opponent is Athletics 3. Seemingly the weak sibling of the league, their 0-2 start is deceiving. They started off with Team Josh and Athletics 4, both powerhouses at the top of the table.

Importantly, those are the two teams which the Final Ultimatums play next. Therefore, the game tonight, at 10pm in the Fieldhouse, is already being described as a must-win. More importantly, it is a test to assess the development of this team. If NPSIA’s team wants to solidify its improvements over last year, and prove to itself that it can keep up with the big boys in this league, a convincing win against Athletics 3 will go a long way towards that.

A couple more wins and the Final Ultimatums will have one more first this season:

Playoff bound.


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